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Modeling Rates?????

I’ve been offered a paying modeling gig with a family acquaintance. We plan on having a 1-2 hour long shoot. I’ve done several other other modeling shoots with a few friends who are newer freelance professional photographers, but it’s always been a “I’ll model for free/food cause you’re cool and I like pretty pics of myself” lol.

Since I’ve never modeled for money before I’m not really sure what to charge this new photographer per hour. I’ve got some experience, but I wouldn’t call myself experienced at modeling.

So far from what research I’ve done it looks like I should probably charge around $50 an hour? Maybe a bit more or less. I’m not sure. the photos would be used for artistic reference and also stand alone photos. I’ll be bringing a few different costume/outfits, and only one of the poses they want to try out would be semi-nude (bare back but front will be covered) ┬áThat’s why I’d love some feed back on what would possibly be appropriate. I figure there’s probably some photographers & people who model that lurk around tumblr :)